Ahoj! My name is

Vlasta Rencova

and I am a Front-end developer, based in Europe

Check out some of my featured projects below

Dictionary project preview

Dictionary Project

This is my latest app developed in React. You can search up almost any word in English and you get the definition, the pronunciation, some examples and synonyms, if available. Another API is responsible for fetching and showing some images to illustrate the dictionary entry. There are some more features I am working on.

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Weather App

This simple app was built using HTML, advanced CSS ans JavaScript. I used the OpenWeatherMap API to fetch the weather data. You can check out the current weather info and the forecast for the next five days. You can either search the weather via your current location or by using the search engine.

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Weather project preview
Snake Console app preview

Snake Console App

This is the first app I developed in C# .NET using the OOP paradigm. There are still some features to be implemented, and there may be buggs. However, I am working on that. Also, this is a console app which means that it has limited opportunities for developing a good Snake game.

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